Board Game Deals: Getting ready for Prime Day

The Prime Day deals are now live!  Check out our list of the best deals here!

Amazon Prime Day is once again fast approaching on July 11th. If you’re after those special Prime Day deals it is important to be prepared. Prime Day is a yearly event put on by Amazon to provide huge discounts across thousands of items and services for one day only and to promote their Prime offerings. In the past this has also included a number of board games making it a great time to pick up that game you’ve been lusting over. In general the Prime Day deals aren’t as good when compared to Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals but there are usually still some bargains to be had.

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Prime Day this year is on Tuesday 11th July and will consist of huge discounts across a large range of Amazon products. In addition to general deals throughout the day a number of lightning deals will be taking place. These deals are only live for a short period of time so be sure to keep an eye out.

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We hope you have a great Prime Day 2017 and we look forward to seeing what great deals you manage to get your hands on!

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