Dollar Game Heaven: A weekly print and play!

A weekly print and play!

Dollar Game Heaven is a new service that offers one print and play game a week, with each game costing only $1.  The games are well produced and have nice artwork.  So far the games all seem to be roughly 15-20 minutes in length, but with a new game released every week this seems to be the perfect length to keep people engaged.

The site and games have been created by Jason Cheng.  From his website, Jason says he is a Brand Owner, Product Designer, Architectural Designer and an Illustrator.  He has an interesting city building game coming up called Figure & Ground which is set to launch on Kickstarter at some point this year.

Dollar Game Heaven

Currently there are 3 games live on the service with another 2 listed as coming soon.  Hopefully the games will continue to flow weekly as promised.  My only concern is that 1 game a week could turn out to be difficult to keep up with.  But hopefully Jason will able to keep up with the pace.

The service isn’t a subscription service so there is no need to buy every single game should a game not suit your tastes.  However once the service becomes more established a subscription service could work really well for keeping up with the new games.  Especially if more designers get involved.  $4 a month for 4 new games is a price I would more than happily play.

Print and play games

Print and Play games are becoming increasingly popular.  Successes such as Cards against Humanity and Secret Hitler have helped to cement print and play games as a key part of the board game community.  So new games in this category are always welcomed with open arms.  The main appeal of print and play games is the cost.  Print and play games are usually free or cheap with the only expense being printing costs.  Sites such as Print Play Games offer services that print and cut the games for you on demand.  However for print and play games part of the experience is doing that yourself.

In the future look out for a full guide to print and play games, containing the best ways to find and create the best print and play games on the Internet.  To keep up with the latest goings on here at Board Game Beaver be sure to sign up to our mailing list or head over to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite print and play games are.  And also any tips you have for printing and cutting them ready to play!  Happy printing!