International Beaver Day!

April 7th is International Beaver Day.  Clearly as the most important day in the calendar for Board Game Beaver this must be celebrated!  Therefore please enjoy this list of facts about the humble beaver.

  1. The beaver is the largest rodent in Canada and the second largest in the world.  The only rodent larger than the beaver is the capybara.
  2. Beavers eyelids are transparent and work like goggles as they swim underwater and help to protect their eyes.
  3. Beavers can swim underwater for 15 minutes without coming up for air.
  4. The ears and noses of beavers act like valves and can be closed when swimming underwater.
  5. The beaver is a nocturnal animal.
  6. Beavers can live for up to 24 years.
  7. When felling a tree beavers waste none of it.  It is either all eaten or all used for building.

Happy International Beaver Day!