Ritual Board Game: Kickstarter Focus

Get ready for magic!

Ritual is a new board game by Devdiem Studios currently on Kickstarter for 2-5 players.  It is a tile laying strategy game and can take anywhere between 15 – 90 minutes.  Players aim to prove their magical dominance by joining forces with other wizards and performing a complex magical ritual.  The player with the most influence once the ritual is complete is declared the most powerful wizard and wins the game.  With a simple presentation but deep strategy the Ritual board game is suitable for both beginner and experienced board gamers alike.

Ritual Board Game

At it’s core Ritual is a tile laying game.  Players choose tiles and lay them onto the game board, which in this case is a nicely presented scroll with plenty of decoration to tie it in nicely to the theme.  Each tile contains 3 rune pieces.  The rune pieces need to be matched together in groups of 3 to form complete runes.  Once a completed rune has been formed, players can spend influence to activate it.

Activating runes can change the game drastically by altering the board.  However, influence dictates where players can play tiles and also counts towards the final score.  Therefore players must decide whether the trade-off is worthwhile.

The artwork for Ritual is stunning.  The deep purple of the box gives off a really regal and mystical vibe which feeds in perfectly to the theme of becoming the greatest and most influential wizard.  Time will tell as to what the final pieces are like but from the photos the tiles appear to be well made and the counters are of a good size.  Additionally each player gets a small cloth bag for their pieces matching their player colour.

And to top it off the board is also beautiful.  Designed as a scroll the hex grid and surrounding decoration are great and it looks even better with the tile pieces placed.  I’m hoping that the scroll will roll up as opposed to being a traditional board.  This could potentially make it an excellent travel game.  Especially as all the pieces come with individual cloth bags.

ritual board game mat


As of writing the Ritual board game is currently sitting at $19,010 with 22 days to go.  Devidiem Studios are asking for $45,000 so with nearly half the money raised there is a good chance they may make it!

There aren’t many pledge levels and nothing of interest above the $30 ‘Wizard’ level.  That gets you the game itself and the lower pledge rewards of a wallpaper and a digital art-book.  The only higher options are 4 copies of the game for $100, and a limited number of hand painted copies for $750.

Devdiem are hoping to start shipping the game come June.  Having backed items from Kickstarter before I wouldn’t be surprised if this was delayed a bit and it’s always worth taking into consideration when backing on Kickstarter.

If you are thinking of backing be sure to read the risks and challenges section and ask the developers any questions you may have.  The game is fully designed and ready for production but often that can be the most time consuming part.


The Ritual board game Kickstarter looks great.  The game looks fun and the theme and design are very appealing.  I’m looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on a copy if the Kickstarter succeeds.  Perhaps I’ll even do a review at some point.  I wish all the best to Devdiem with their Kickstarter and hope to see Ritual succeed.

Be sure to head over to the Kickstarter or check out Devdiem Studios.

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